Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2024

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June 24-27; 9:00AM - 12:00PM. This form is for enrolling your child in vacation bible school. One child per form please.

Child Information

This part is for the VBS Child being enrolled with parent email and contact phone number. Only one child per form.

Thank you.
Child's age or last grade completed.

VBS is open to children age 3 to the completion of 5th grade. Please choose from the list so we place your child correctly.
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Is there a friend you'd like to be with?

We will do our best to put friends together. Best if both friends indicate this on their form.  Friends NEED to be a similar age to be placed together.
Medical Conditions

Please explain any conditions which we should be aware of for this child - such as allergies, chronic illnesses (like asthma) or physical restrictions. If none, put N/A.
Emergency Contact Name and Relationship

Who can we call while your child is with us at VBS and how is this person related to the child?
Emergency Contact Phone

This would be the phone number where we can reach this person during VBS week.  Preferably a cell phone number.
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Will You be a Parent Volunteer?

Youth Volunteer registration is on a separate form.
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Check the days you are available to volunteer.  We prefer all week so we are consistant for the kids!!
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Have you helped with VBS at OSLC before?
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I would like to help with...

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VBS Fees

Fees are:
Each child is $30.

There is no discount for multiple children, etc. 
The fee was lowered to accommodate everyone.

For those needing assistance, scholarships are available.

Please pay for each child individually so payment is applied correctly.


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